Saturday, July 11, 2015


Hey there!

Back on solid ground, I am back from my big adventure to New York! Below are a couple of photos :)

Highlights - songwriting collaborations, studio time, new friends & Contemporary Color (native spelling!).

The World of Lost Luise EP continues to be getting airplay across the country, a big thank you to...
Western Australia's 107.3 HFM, A Little Green Bag radio show
Victoria's Inner North East, Infectious Unease radio show
Western Australia's RTR FM, All City radio show

A spark, then the flame, we are all to blame. 10 000 feet living, distant but direct.

Jessie Ryan-Allen

Monday, June 8, 2015


Hey there!

The World of Lost Luise EP has some airplay since its release which I am over the moon about!
Here are the stations and radio shows who have got behind my brand of experimental pop.
NSW, Nambucca Valley Radio's Soundbite 2NVR FM
SA, Mount Gambier's The AMRAP Show 5GTR FM
NSW, Wollongong's Vox FM
NSW, Croydon Park's Friday Drive 2RDJ FM
QLD, Toogoolawah's Hard Rock Lounge ValleyFM 95.9 (April 2015)

Thank you all so much sharing my music.

For me Lost Luise is a musical experiment with no boundaries, and it is so gratifying to have such a positive response to my side project. Also something I forgot to mention in my last blog post was that the EP cover would not have been possible without the help of Renee Shackell (who also worked with me on my self-titled debut album). Thank you Renee.

Recently I was lucky enough to have a chat with Sam & Heather of The Jezabels. Here is a photo from that magical afternoon & evening.

Until next time we meet on the fringe comrades.

Jessie Ryan-Allen

Sunday, May 3, 2015



A couple of days ago I found out that I got into the summer songwriting program at New York University! So I'll be heading to New York for the course and then doing some exploring. :)

On the 6th of April I released my studio side project EP, The World of Lost Luise. Experimental pop JRA style. Also a big shout out to Valley FM 95.9 for playing 'The Night'!

You can grab a copy of the EP on Bandcamp and iTunes, or share it with your friends on Spotify! :)

Current Favourites:
Book: Natural Woman (a memoir) by Carole King
Music: Goodbye Yellow Brick Road by Elton John
TV: [re-visiting a classic] Round the Twist
Transportation: Bicycle

Even in your highest highs, every experience and feeling holds you in the balance.
For they are the compass that leads you to the end.

Jessie Ryan-Allen

Saturday, April 11, 2015


Hello there,

Well today's brief self-talking to is inspired by the new song by St Vincent, Teenage Talk which I love. I started this blog the year after finishing high school which was my first year of uni. I now stand dangerously close to 22 years old and will hopefully encapsulate something that I hope to forget but remember later in life.

In my teenage years I...

Embarrassed my friends more often than I did myself.

I excelled at the art of tunnel-vision and blocking the world I didn't like out.

...the rest escapes me and is probably still pumping through my veins.

St Vincent as her cover art for Teenage Talk uses a picture of her 14 year old self, below is a picture from my teenage years staring the bounty of survival.

After just turning 18, I was introduced to the music of St Vincent via a kindly burnt CD from a new friend.

I didn't realise my evolution would continue, back then I felt like a finished 'build it yourself kit' and now I feel hungrier than ever to create music and art in its many forms. The challenge and mystery has never been greater.

Jessie Ryan-Allen

Monday, March 23, 2015


Hi there!

Well the earth has kept turning and the clock is still ticking so here we are. Recently I did a photo shoot with Savvy Creative for my upcoming release, check out her amazing work here.

I attended my first Sofar Sounds event last month and it was fantastic! A backyard utopia of live music.

I have been watching a series about photographer Bob Gruen which I am loving. Such a great insight into photography and storytelling. In light of this I thought I'd share some photos I took late last year from a little project I did using the lyrics from my song Breakdown and a map of Queensland. Mixing 2D and 3D objects to create something a little crafty. :)

A still life is a slowly moving picture.

Jessie Ryan-Allen

Monday, February 23, 2015


Hello there,

Our unexpected meeting is once again upon us. Below are a couple of photos from my recent shows.

Ric's Bar - Brisbane - 9th of February. This photo was taken by a friend of mine Tessa, who will be creating some of the visuals for my next music release. 

The Loft - Gold Coast - 6th of February.

 Current Favourites -
Song: Take It Back by Ed Sheeran
Album: Ghost Stories by Coldplay
TV: Miranda 
Stationary: Sticky Notes
Book: Brian Eno Visual Music

Fish in the Sea adventuring with 2004 election limited edition merchandise. :)

Until our next chance meeting fine friend. 

Jessie Ryan-Allen

Tuesday, January 27, 2015


Hello there!

2015 is upon us with our calenders and diaries sparkling with empty pages. I have just released a new song, Fish In The Sea. This song is far more direct in a way that I haven't explored before. I released it as a single because it's very much a 'time and place' song, meaning that the moment in which it grabs your attention is just as important as the song. So guess you could say I thought this was the right time. The idea was seeded first when I saw Billy Bragg speak at Big Sound in 2013, I didn't have a specific song idea then, I was just inspired by the relationship between music and change.

As this is my blog I can be as dorky as I want.... so here's my first official (on a plate and in a dressing room) rider!

Oh and here's some photos of me performing on the same day at the Australia Day Long Weekender Festival at South Bank, Brisbane.  

I have more shows coming up across the countryside...

Underwater, breathing out for the first time in a while.

Jessie Ryan-Allen