Friday, April 20, 2018


Hey there!

Below are some photos (thanks to Tide Productions, aka co-producer Lauren Panrucker) from the magic night that was the Breaking The Mould Cast & Crew Screening.

Current Favourites-
Film: I Feel Pretty
Song: Cemetery by Missy Higgins
Stationary: Fluro Pencils

The first episode of my podcast SONGSTALKER is out in the big wide world featuring Zachary Miller. If you are a songwriter, music producer or music lover this podcast is for you!

Falling through the clouds, flying into skylines.


Tuesday, March 20, 2018



The micro and macro have left an ant farm on your door step, and life is getting real.

Current Favourites:
Album: Fine but Dying by Liza Anne
Song: Small Talks by Liza Anne
Film Clip: Version of Me by Kimbra
Underrated: Bedroom Discos
Overrated: Actual Discos

I am launching a podcast called SONGSTALKER // very soon, below is a bit about it.

A podcast about songwriting and music production in guerrilla style, minus the mud. Long form interviews about the creative process and music, with the people, we call songstalkers.
For those who like ~ Billie JD Porter, Julia Zemiro and Zane Lowe.

Taking it back to home base with a Zoom recorder in hand, Jessie is venturing into the world of songwriters and music producers. The creators of the soundtrack to your life —or at least that movie you’ve seen 20 times.

Below is some nice feedback about Breaking The Mould... thanks Ange!

"She was never bored, because she was never boring"  -Pet Shop Boys


Friday, February 16, 2018



The moon casts a shadow and so should you.

Current Favourites:
Song: Human by Kimbra
Album: Life Will See You Now by Jens Lekman
Film Clip: River by Eminem ft. Ed Sheeran
TV: The Last Leg

A few photos from my recent adventuring...

If I had horcruxes one of them would be at BPM recording studios.


Thursday, January 18, 2018


Hey there!

Out into the world since last we spoke is the soundtrack I wrote of the game 'Guardian of the Ocean' check it out here with a summary video of a few moments from the game. Or jump to this link to hear each track in full. :)

Current Favourites-
TV: Inside Amy Schumer
Album: Mermaid Avenue 2 by Wilco and Billy Bragg
Online: The Making Of A Song series with Taylor Swift
Song/s: All things Freak On The Beach [coming soon...]

Oh hey 2018 ~

When you say "who?"
I say "cares"


Sunday, December 10, 2017


Hello Day Dreamers!

Don't wake up unless you're ready to climb skyward.

Current Favourites:
Song: New Year's Day by Taylor Swift
Film: Three Summers
Music Video: Top of the World by Kimbra

JRA:TV has made a comeback for the Gonzervatory... :)

Above: Glories of the Score - a day of film music goodness

Below: Sydney Opera House - post Feist  ////

Flip it, spin it and sing about it - that's how to live a life.


Monday, November 6, 2017


Hello Cyber Dwellers!

When it rains, it pours - below are some of the puddles...

Current Favourites:
Song- Los Ageless by St Vincent
Video- Everybody Knows by Kimbra
Album- Masseduction by St Vincent & I Feel The Same by BULLY

Below are some photos from recording a string quartet at AFTRS for a short film called Afterlife (a vintage AFTRS student film).

Below is a photo from Breaking The Mould's world premiere at the Australian Music Week Film Festival!

Breaking The Mould now has a facebook page too!

"Wherever you go, you always take the weather with you"   Crowded House


Friday, September 29, 2017


Hey there!

Like the dance moves you invented which make you feel great and look alien, today's blog is worth it's weight in paper.

Current Favourites-
Song: Los Ageless by St Vincent
Video Clip: Magazine by Slotface (Lyric Video)
Book: Music Business by Shane Simpson

I am delighted to announce a documentary I have been a part of making as the writer, director and composer, called Breaking The Mould will be premiered at the Australian Music Week Film Festival!

You can check out the details of the festival's line up here:

Breaking The Mould is sharing the night with doco, Play Your Gender (Canada) and Audio Engeneering (Germany). I am so stoked be sharing our doco alongside this incredible content. :)

I would particularly like to give a special thank you to my fellow collaborators Mason Hoffman (cinematographer), Monique Montfroy (photographer) and, Lauren and Tish of L&L Film Productions - it has been a great honour working towards the summit with you. There are countless others which have brought to life Breaking The Mould in their own way, and their names are all in the credits. I very excited to share what we have created with you on the 1st of November!

Here's the trailer for Breaking The Mould and a blurb about too...

"Breaking the Mould is an independent documentary which consists of a number of interviews with a diverse array of Australian artists and bands, reflecting on their experiences and sharing their opinions about the role of gender in Australian music since the 1950s. Inspired by Lindy Morrison's legendary documentary, Australian Women in Rock & Pop Music which was released in 1995.

The documentary features interviews with The Jezabels, Katie Noonan, The Grates, Jebediah, Abbe May, Stonefield, Grace Knight (Eurogliders), Regurgitator, Mia Dyson and Mental As Anything. Along with narration by Zoƫ Norton Lodge, best known for her work on the ABC (The Checkout, Story Club & Chaser's Media Circus).

Breaking the Mould celebrates the evolution of gender and how it has shaped Australian music by creating a national conversation."

Talk the talk, walk the walk, I say.