Wednesday, July 16, 2014


Hello there,

The last two weeks have contained recording in the studio drums and bass guitar for some new music I am working on. I am luckily enough to have a fantastic team of engineers and musicians working with me on this project which makes it really exciting!!
The amazing part of recording for me is being able to bring the sounds and parts in your head out into the world and hopefully nurturing the song so it comes to life. Below are some photos from these adventures...

The first day we recorded drums and bass together. 
Drums: Reece Baines. Bass Guitar: Steven Dalamaras.

Engineers: Guy Cornwall & Daniel Hitzke with Reece, so many snares so little time :)

Mallet season the zone

Putting thoughts to words, putting sound to sight, this is me following my bliss. 

Jessie Ryan-Allen 

Saturday, June 21, 2014


Hello wanderers,

Well you've found me at a busy time but thought I'd share the events of the last month with you. :)

I am very proud to say that in the month of May the below radio stations played songs from my debut album on the airwaves!

Solid Gold Independent Music - 3RPC 99.3 FM - Victoria, Australia
Hard Rock Lounge - Valley FM 95.9 - Queensland, Australia
The Right Side of the Bed - 88.3 Southern FM - Victoria, Australia
Good Vibrations - 3RPP - Victoria, Australia
Wednesday Night Coffee Morning - 100.3 FM 2MCR - New South Wales, Australia
Something New, Old and Blue -UG FM Radio Murrindindi - Victoria, Australia
Millicent Community Access Radio Inc - South Australia, Australia
Where It's At - RPP FM - Victoria Australia
The Dog on Lino Show - 5GTR FM - South Australia
Friday Drive - 2RDJ - New South Wales, Australia
Gove FM - Northern Territory, Australia

Australian community radio gives the radio presenters control over what music they play on their radio shows and I am feel privileged to have been a part of their shows in a small way.

Yesterday I played on the rooftop of The Edge (next to the State Library) as a part of the Fete De La Musique in Brisbane. It was a great day full of sunshine and a wonderful all day line up.

Until next time,

Jessie Ryan-Allen

Saturday, May 24, 2014



A lot as happened since last we spoke, I have released my self-titled debut album, and for all those who have enjoyed and shared it -thank you. More creations stemming from the album are being planned as we speak and of course you will be the first to know when they reach the sunlight.

I went down to Melbourne (for the first time!!) to attend the Big Hearted Business Un-Conference (founded by Claire Bowditch) this month. The weekend included a crazy combination of nuts & bolts skills combined with amazing guest speakers thinking big. My favourite speakers were Missy Higgins (no surprises there!), Joost Bakker and Correne Wilkie. I met some amazing creative people who do everything from cheese-making to stationery.

Thank you Claire Bowditch.

Upon celebration of the release of my album I went to Noosa Community Radio 101.3 FM for a chat with radio presenter Chris Lofven on his show, Magic Bus. A wonderful way to spend a Saturday morning.

In other radio news, I was accepted into AMRAP's AirIt unsigned program! AirIt is an online database where Australian community radio presenters can find new music and play it on their shows.

The soundtrack of my blog writing today was brought to you by Chilly Gonzales...

 Until we speak next dear friend.

Jessie Ryan-Allen

Saturday, April 5, 2014


Hello there!

I am very proud to announce that I will be releasing my self-titled debut album on the 14/4/2014. The album has 10 songs on it and was recorded over the last two years by friends and myself. Since starting this blog in 2011 I have learnt so much about the art and science of the recording process as well as the creative process, and I hope the album reflects this moment in time.

This project wouldn't have been possible without the belief and expertise of: James Jelliffe, Sean Van Gennip, Jared Adlam, Nick Rigby, Josh MacPhee, Christopher Ambrose, Leah Tharlai, Emily Hosking, Ryan Miller, Zachary Miller, Brodie Graham, Joshua King, Lachlan Bambach and Dale Prinsse.

Here's the album cover, photography by Cynthia Lee and graphic design by Renee Shackell.

The first song on the album is called Nowhere and you can check out it's lyric video below!

I saw an artwork today and it had in big letters on it -"YOU HAVE TO BURN TO SHINE" - this made me smile a lot. :)

Jessie Ryan-Allen    


Thursday, January 30, 2014


Hello there!

The last few weeks have resulted in some metaphoric bow tying of lose ends.

The latest episode of JRA:TV is my graduate showcase from studying popular music at the Queensland Conservatorium. It was a very special night, the friends I have made over the last three years are truly my most prized treasure.

I shared the stage that night with Nathan Ortado (Bass Guitar) and James Jelliffe (Drums).

In every sense of the word the lryic video I created for my song Nowhere, is a bedroom creation. I'm not really a fan of many lyric video ideas but it is certainly is a great way to share your lyrics in an engaging way. Hopefully I brought some JRA flare to the format in the exhibit below.

See you soon friends, the fruits of my secret life will be revealed at ground level.

Jessie Ryan-Allen

Sunday, December 22, 2013


Hello there!

It's been a while between drinks but here I am :)

Thought I might put down some of my favourites things at the moment to get us reacquainted -

Film: Blue Jasmine

Song: Deeper Water by Paul Kelly

TV: Heartland and Doctor Who

Music Festival: Woodford Folk Festival

Book: The Perks of Being a Wallflower

Here's some pictures from my latest band show which was at The Gold Coast Arts Centre - it was a special night :)

Above (left to right): Nathan Ortado (Bass Guitar), James Jelliffe (Drums) and Jessie Ryan-Allen (Guitar & Vocals).

Below is the video clip of the latest release from Lost Luise (my studio side project). It was shot at the spit on the Gold Coast. "Nostalgia is no one's friend, but it is at all the parties"  

Here are some pictures from my interview on ABC Coast FM Gold Coast on location at the Kirra Kite Festival and my performance.

I've had an action packed year full of many challenges and achievements. I've discovered more about the light and shade of life and as always it has resulted in many songs. So here I am ready for the deeper water of 2014 to find me at the bottom of the ocean, making music.

Jessie Ryan-Allen

Friday, May 10, 2013


Hello there,

I haven't forgotten about you, I promise... so here I am, to catch you up on the happenings since last we spoke.

Played a couple of acoustic shows earlier in the year, which were fun it's always great to perform in an intimate setting. I tried out some onstage chat in German a first for a JRA show... didn't screw up the pronunciation which is always good. :)

Here's a picture from my acoustic show at Room 60 in March where I road tested one of my new songs which I just recorded with a bunch friends who are amazing musicans, check out their music you won't regret it -
Tall Tails -
Brodie Graham Band -
Josh King (engineer/producer) -

I now have twitter, if you care to follow me - I will hopefully lead you somewhere interesting.
Continuing on the technology report, I am now a ".com" -come visit

Lately I have been filming with some Griffith Film School students for a music documentary. During a visit to the film school I saw Jessica Watson's boat Pink Lady, which was pretty awesome!

I recently recorded a cover of the Crowded House song, Distant Sun which is currently getting mixed. I can't wait you share it with you all! Distant Sun is an amazing song, Neil Finn is really something. While on the topic both the Finn Brothers are bloody brilliant [Harry Potter reference].

You never know what is around the corner, so be ready for those ninety degree angles.

Jessie Ryan-Allen