Saturday, June 16, 2018



Dive into the wave, take the chance and save the destruction, of being carried away.

Current Favourites-
TV: Mystery Road
Song: All Good by ZUZU
Music Video (& Song!): Reformation by The Ninth Wave
Visual Art: Andrina Manon

Oh hell the lack of pictures has driven me to read - and what I read, I cannot unsee.


Saturday, May 19, 2018


Hello there!

Don't drop the ball - if you're sick of it, throw it in the next paddock.

Current Favourites-
Song: Beauty Queen by ZUZU
Album: Solastalgia by Missy Higgins
Film Clip: Bitter End by Gordi
TV:  Brain Cox's 21st Century Race For Space

The latest episode of my podcast SONGSTALKER is out now and features an interview with Tori Forsyth, you can check it out here!


Friday, April 20, 2018


Hey there!

Below are some photos (thanks to Tide Productions, aka co-producer Lauren Panrucker) from the magic night that was the Breaking The Mould Cast & Crew Screening.

Current Favourites-
Film: I Feel Pretty
Song: Cemetery by Missy Higgins
Stationary: Fluro Pencils

The first episode of my podcast SONGSTALKER is out in the big wide world featuring Zachary Miller. If you are a songwriter, music producer or music lover this podcast is for you!

Falling through the clouds, flying into skylines.


Tuesday, March 20, 2018



The micro and macro have left an ant farm on your door step, and life is getting real.

Current Favourites:
Album: Fine but Dying by Liza Anne
Song: Small Talks by Liza Anne
Film Clip: Version of Me by Kimbra
Underrated: Bedroom Discos
Overrated: Actual Discos

I am launching a podcast called SONGSTALKER // very soon, below is a bit about it.

A podcast about songwriting and music production in guerrilla style, minus the mud. Long form interviews about the creative process and music, with the people, we call songstalkers.
For those who like ~ Billie JD Porter, Julia Zemiro and Zane Lowe.

Taking it back to home base with a Zoom recorder in hand, Jessie is venturing into the world of songwriters and music producers. The creators of the soundtrack to your life —or at least that movie you’ve seen 20 times.

Below is some nice feedback about Breaking The Mould... thanks Ange!

"She was never bored, because she was never boring"  -Pet Shop Boys


Friday, February 16, 2018



The moon casts a shadow and so should you.

Current Favourites:
Song: Human by Kimbra
Album: Life Will See You Now by Jens Lekman
Film Clip: River by Eminem ft. Ed Sheeran
TV: The Last Leg

A few photos from my recent adventuring...

If I had horcruxes one of them would be at BPM recording studios.


Thursday, January 18, 2018


Hey there!

Out into the world since last we spoke is the soundtrack I wrote of the game 'Guardian of the Ocean' check it out here with a summary video of a few moments from the game. Or jump to this link to hear each track in full. :)

Current Favourites-
TV: Inside Amy Schumer
Album: Mermaid Avenue 2 by Wilco and Billy Bragg
Online: The Making Of A Song series with Taylor Swift
Song/s: All things Freak On The Beach [coming soon...]

Oh hey 2018 ~

When you say "who?"
I say "cares"


Sunday, December 10, 2017


Hello Day Dreamers!

Don't wake up unless you're ready to climb skyward.

Current Favourites:
Song: New Year's Day by Taylor Swift
Film: Three Summers
Music Video: Top of the World by Kimbra

JRA:TV has made a comeback for the Gonzervatory... :)

Above: Glories of the Score - a day of film music goodness

Below: Sydney Opera House - post Feist  ////

Flip it, spin it and sing about it - that's how to live a life.